2017-09-01 來自麥格倫的感謝(´▽`ʃ♥ƪ)



Dear Taiwan,
I want to send a heartfelt note of appreciation for your hospitality these last two weeks. As many of you know, I joined the University of Iowa baseball team on their trip to Taiwan for the World University Games.
I was the only person who had been to Taiwan before. Because of your warm hearts, smiles and overall welcoming nature, you now have about 30 new people from Iowa that love your country and will carry great memories with them.
Of course, we enjoyed the sporting events, the night markets, temples and other sight-seeing adventures, but the best and most lasting memories will be of the Taiwanese people. We could see how proud and excited you were to host, and share with the world the great place that is Taiwan. You should be proud!
Personally, I'm happy that I saw a lot of old friends, and met a lot of great new people as well. My daily life now is one where nobody recognizes me or cares too much about my former job, and that's ok. But selfishly, I admit that it was a lot of fun to reconnect with Taiwan baseball fans, sign a few autographs and take some photos. More so, I'm happy that the University of Iowa players experienced the special treatment that so many Taiwanese give. Now that they are back to school, blending in like any other student, they will always have that memory of the time in Taiwan when they were treated so well, and even a bit like 'rock stars'!
Thank you for allowing me to post on the Brothers Fan Page, as I didn’t know exactly how to write a thank you letter to Taiwan, I thought posting here and encouraging you to share would reach a lot of people.
Thank you again for sharing your country and I hope we meet again…
Jim Magrane (麥格倫)
謝謝中信兄弟允許我將這篇文章分享在兄弟Fans Club,因為我不知道該怎麼寫感謝信給台灣。我想貼在這裡且鼓勵大家分享,可以延伸讓許多台灣人民能看到我們對大家的感謝。
Jim Magrane (麥格倫)
我們也好開心能夠再見到你呢٩(๑> ₃ <)۶
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